Stiffkey Cockle racing in front of Blakeney Lifeboat house

Sailing Fixtures List

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Date Event/Results Fleet Series (Races) Start time High Tide Height Race Officer(s) Further info
09-05-19race 1 Stiffkey CockleMidweek (9)09:3010:198.1Dennis pell
11-05-19race 1 Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)11:0011:547.6Jim Crossley
15-05-19race 2Stiffkey CockleMidweek (9)16:0016:508.0Jim Crossley
23-05-19race 3Stiffkey CockleMidweek (9)09:3010:148.1Robin Combe
25-05-19race 2Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)10:4511:307.4Dennis Pell
01-06-19race 1 Stiffkey CockleEvening (6)17:1511:548.0Dennis Pell
08-06-19races 1 & 2Stiffkey Cocklecockle worlds (3)09:3010:538.2Adrian Dyter
09-06-19race 3Stiffkey Cocklecockle worlds (3)10:3011:457.9Adrian DyterBBQ after at Morston VH
13-06-19race 4 Stiffkey CockleMidweek (9)15:3016:257.9Jill & Pete Tibbetts
14-06-19races 1 & 2Stiffkey CockleFuture champion series (5)16:3017:238.2TBA
15-06-19races 2 & 3Stiffkey CockleEvening (6)17:1518:168.3Charles Tyndall
22-06-19cley harbour flotillaStiffkey Cocklesocial event (1)08:3010:308.0Simon Wakeford leadingmeet entrance Morston Creek 08.30
23-06-19Brancaster CocklersStiffkey Cocklesocial event (1)10:1511:067.7Andrew ChapmanBBQ after at Morston VH All welcome
29-06-19race 1 General Handicapsingle handed race (1)16:0016:597.6Tyndall & Tibbetts
06-07-19Race 3Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)09:0009:578.8Pete Lawson
07-07-19race 4 and spareStiffkey CockleMain Series (9)09:4510:538.6Jill & Pete Tibbettsalso spare race if needed
10-07-19race 5 and spareStiffkey CockleMidweek (9)12:4513:377.9Andrew Chapman
13-07-19race 5 and spareStiffkey CockleEvening (6)16:1517:047.8Robin Combe
14-07-19race 5 and spareStiffkey CockleMain Series (9)17:0018:027.9Robin Combe
20-07-19race 1 Stiffkey Cockleladies race (1)09:0009:538.3Blakeney SC
21-07-19races 3 & 4Stiffkey CockleFuture champion series (5)09:0010:088.2Simon Wakeford
24-07-19race 6 Stiffkey CockleMidweek (9)11:0012:007.7Yvonne Tyndall
28-07-19race 6 Stiffkey CockleEvening (6)15:3016:227.4Jim Crossley
04-08-19race 1 Stiffkey Cockleadmiral's plate (1)09:1509:439.2Blakeney SC
07-08-19race 7 and spareStiffkey CockleMidweek (9)10:4512:038.5TBA
10-08-19race 6 Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)15:0015:377.4Yvonne Tyndall
11-08-19race 7 Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)16:0016:497.4TBA
17-08-19race 1 General HandicapBlakeney Regatta (1)07:3008:398.5TBA
18-08-19race 2General HandicapBlakeney Regatta (1)08:0009:128.5Blakeney SC
21-08-19race 8 and spareStiffkey CockleMidweek (9)09:3010:518.2TBA
24-08-19race 1 Stiffkey CockleBlakeney invitation (1)12:3013:087.4andrew ChapmanBBQ after at Morston VH All welcome
27-08-19Race 5Stiffkey Cocklesummer sizzler (1)16:3017:107.7James TillettPicnic after at BlueJacket
28-08-19race 9Stiffkey CockleMidweek (9)17:0010:098.2TBA
04-09-19spare raceStiffkey CockleMidweek (9)09:3010:509.1TBA
21-09-19race 8Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)10:4511:457.7TBA
22-09-19race 9Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)12:0012:427.4TBA