Stiffkey Cockle racing in front of Blakeney Lifeboat house

Sailing Fixtures List

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Date Event/Results Fleet Series (Races) Start time High Tide Height Race Officer(s) Further info
15-02-20Cockle Club Winter QuizStiffkey CockleSocial Event (1)18:3011:118.2Social EventMorston Village Hall
26-04-20Race 1Stiffkey CockleShake Down Race (1)08:4509:288.1TBA
28-04-20Race 1Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)09:4510:337.8TBA
10-05-20Race 1Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)08:4509:268.8TBA
13-05-20Race 2Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)10:3011:317.7TBA
24-05-20Race 1Stiffkey CockleAdmiral's Plate (1)08:0008:338.2TBA@ Blakeney Sailing Club
27-05-20Race 3Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)09:3010:187.9TBA
30-05-20starting practiceStiffkey CockleChallenge Series (3)12:0012:577.4TBA
07-06-20Race 2Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)07:4508:258.8TBA
10-06-20Race 4Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)09:3010:288.2TBA
13-06-20Race 1Stiffkey CockleChallenge Series (3)12:0012:557.2TBA
18-06-20Race 1Stiffkey CockleEvening Series (6)17:0017:527.6TBA
20-06-20Visit to MorstonGeneral HandicapBrancaster Staithe SC Visit (1)18:0019:168.0TBABrancaster Staithe SC visit to Morston
21-06-20Picnic on the PointStiffkey CockleSocial Event (1)18:3019:588.2TBAdetails to follow and time to be confirmed
24-06-20Race 5Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)08:3009:298.3TBA
27-06-20Race 1 & 2Stiffkey CockleCockle Worlds (3)10:1511:428.0TBA
28-06-20Race 3Stiffkey CockleCockle Worlds (3)11:3012:397.8TBABBQ afterwards at Morston Village Hall - all welcome
01-07-20Race 6Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)15:1516:137.9TBA
04-07-20Race 2Stiffkey CockleEvening Series (6)18:0019:098.4TBA
08-07-20Race 7Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)08:3009:328.5TBAPlus a spare if required
11-07-20Race 3Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)10:1511:247.9TBA
12-07-20Race 2Stiffkey CockleChallenge Series (3)11:0012:067.6TBA
18-07-20Race 4Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)17:1518:097.7TBA
19-07-20Race 3Stiffkey CockleEvening Series (6)17:4518:578.0TBA
25-07-20Visit to Cley QuayStiffkey CockleSocial Event (1)10:0011:108.7TBADetails to follow - start time to be confirmed.
26-07-20Race 5Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)10:1511:268.5TBAPlus a spare if required
01-08-20Race 4Stiffkey CockleEvening Series (6)17:0018:097.9TBA
08-08-20Blakeney RegattaGeneral HandicapBlakeney Regatta (1)09:0010:208.4TBAstart time TBA
09-08-20Blakeney RegattaGeneral HandicapBlakeney Regatta (1)09:0010:538.2TBAstart time TBA
16-08-20Race 1General HandicapSingle Handed Race (1)17:0017:487.6TBA
19-08-20Race 5Stiffkey CockleEvening Series (6)18:0019:118.8TBA
22-08-20Morston RegattaGeneral HandicapMorston Regatta (1)09:0009:399.2TBAstart time TBA
23-08-20Race 6 and 7Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)09:1510:219.1TBA
26-08-20Race 8Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)11:4512:527.9TBAPlus a spare if required
29-08-20Race 6Stiffkey CockleEvening Series (6)16:0017:017.5TBA
30-08-20Race 3Stiffkey CockleChallenge Series (3)16:4518:067.8TBAFollowed by Summer Sizzler
05-09-20Ladies RaceStiffkey CockleLadies Race (1)08:4509:198.6TBA@ Blakeney Sailing Club
06-09-20Race 8Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)08:4509:518.5TBAPlus a spare if required
09-09-20Race 9Stiffkey CockleMid Week (9)10:3011:327.8TBAPlus a spare if required
13-09-20Blakeney Invitation RaceStiffkey CockleBlakeney Invitation (1)15:3016:237.1TBAFollowed by BBQ @ Morston Village Hall
20-09-20Race 9Stiffkey CockleMain Series (9)08:3009:179.5TBAPlus a spare if required