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Racing requirements

Racing requirements

The decision to race or not, having regard to the prevailing conditions, lies with the helmsman whilst considering their and their crew’s capability. Don’t take un-necessary risks.

The Committee Boat is not a rescue boat but will endeavour to assist any boat that is in difficulty. It takes time to up anchor and motor to the incident.

All vessels must be insured to a minimum of £2,000,000 Third Party Liability cover and a copy of the certificate must scanned and sent to the Sailing Secretary before that boat’s first race of the season.

All persons on board the vessel whilst racing must wear a buoyancy aid.

The start time of all races is approximate and may alter to suit conditions and participants.


Racing ‘Rules’

One discard for every three races completed in each series, eg three from nine and two from six.

If a boat is over the start line at the start, the hooter will be sounded once more to alert helmsmen that a boat is being recalled. The OOD will point and call to the boat that must return.

If more than half the fleet are over the line, the hooter will be sounded twice and there will be a general recall. The six minute signal will be sounded as soon as all boats are ‘behind’ the line again.

Please avoid deliberate and persistent luffing of inexperienced helms. It’s not what the club is about and could be considered un-gentlemanly.

Please look out for emails about enforced changes to the sailing programme.